Building a Support Network: The Power of Community in Recovery

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In the recovery community, we often talk about the importance of building a support network. But what exactly is a support network and why is it so important? Support networks are groups of people who want to see you succeed in your recovery and who will help you along the way by sharing their own experiences with addiction or mental health issues. It’s important to find these people because they can help you get through some tough times when you’re not sure how to handle situations on your own.

What is a support network?

A support network is a group of people who are there for each other. It can be formal or informal, large or small, and made up of family members, friends, professionals and/or other people in recovery from addiction. The goal of having a strong support system is to provide emotional and practical support during times when you need it most–whether that means helping you stay sober or just being there when you need someone to talk with about how difficult recovery can be sometimes.

How to build a support network

Building a support network is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It’s also one of the hardest, because it requires you to be vulnerable and open up about something that may be very personal. But there are lots of ways to do this:

  • Find people who are going through what you’re experiencing right now (e.g., newly sober).
  • Find people who have been there before (e.g., old-timers in AA).
  • Find someone willing to listen without judgment or advice-giving (e.g., therapists).

Why is a support network important in recovery?

A support network is an important part of your recovery process. A support network can help you feel less alone, more hopeful and like you are not crazy.

A good support network will be made up of people who have been through what you are going through now or have experienced similar situations in their lives. Support networks can also be helpful if they consist of people who have been living with mental illness for a long time and know what works best for them in terms of getting well and staying well

A strong support system can help you in recovery and throughout life.

A strong support system can help you in recovery and throughout life.

  • A support network can help you stay sober.
  • A support network can help you through tough times.
  • A support network helps with your goals


A strong support network can help you in recovery and throughout life. The people around you can be the difference between success and failure, so it’s important to find the right people and make sure they know how they can help. If you’re looking for more guidance on building a support network or starting your own group at work or school, check out our free resources page!

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